Leading Kids Golf Club in Western Sydney

At Banners Kids Golf Academy, we run each term the following program and it is designed to introduce children to the game of golf and intangible benefits of the game which includes but not limited to:

– Self Discipline
– Respect
– Self Confidence
– Integrity
– Self Control

Our classes run in conjunction with the school terms and are conducted in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Session cover all aspects of golf including full swing, chipping, putting and includes some on course play.

Banners Kids Golf Programme also participate in the PGA Schweppes Junior Shoot Out and skills challenge.
The graduates then progress to Junior Membership when their golfing skills are sufficiently developed.

Kids Golf at Cumberland is broken up into the following categories:

We are extremely proud to be leading kids golf club in Parramatta. Our vision is to aspire young men and women to be great citizens of the community through the game of golf.

Pee Wees

  • Is an introductory class into golf with a focus on learning the basics and fundamentals.
  • SNAG GOLF equipment is used while learning to be more appealing
  • FUN & 30 minutes per week, ages 4-8.


  • Using real clubs and balls, birdies will focus on intermediate swing fundamentals learning the importance of impact and hitting the ball in the air
  • 1 hour per week, ages 5-10.


  • More advanced approach to golf learning with advanced swing fundamentals, various types of shots, rules and etiquette.
  • This class will also get to play on the golf course.
  • 1 hour per week, ages 6-12.


  • A full understanding of the swing will be achieved including learning swing plane and shot shaping.
  • More course time and advanced rules and etiquette will be covered.
  • This class is the last stop before becoming a Cumberland Junior Member.
  • 1 hour per week, ages 8-13.

Sub Junior Squad

  • This class is new Juniors or soon to be Junior Members.
  • A focus on structured practice, short game and swing.
  • 1 hour per week, ages 10-14.

Junior Squad

  • A class for Junior members with handicaps between 7 and 20.
  • A practice plan will be adhered to as there is a focus on reducing handicap.
  • Tuition is once a week to ensure more quantity of practice, ages 12-17.

Kids Golf Enquiry

If you have any enquiries or questions regarding kids golf at Cumberland Country Golf Club, please complete the Enquiry Form below and we will contact you shortly.

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