Visitor Cart Hire


I declare that I will strictly abide by the following rules throughout the period of hire agreement, which shall not exceed 5 hours from the ‘Time Out’ ie Time vehicle taken.

1. The driver of the vehicle will be over 18 years of age.
2. That the vehicle will carry a maximum of two persons and two sets of golf clubs
3. That I will not permit any person to stand on the bumper bars
4. That I will avoid driving through wet areas and drive at walking speed.
5. That I will not drive within 10 metres of any Green, bunker, water hazard or tee, except when driving on a formed footpath.
6. That I will not drive the cart in the car park area.
7. That I will not consume alcohol whilst driving the vehicle, except on occasions as sanctioned by the club
8. That I will return the key to Pro Shop staff for inspection.

Please note that all damage sustained whilst under the control of the approved hirer.

I (Name of signee), in consideration of your accepting me as a hirer, accept full responsibility and cost for any damage to the equipment and note that the equipment is at my risk for the duration of hiring the same. I waive all and any claim right or causes of action which I, my respective heirs, executors and administrators might otherwise have for or arising out of loss of life or injury, damage or loss of any description whatsoever and howsoever caused (including negligence of any person, corporation or body involved in the running or administration of Cumberland Country Golf Club Ltd) suffered or sustained in the course of, consequent upon incidental to my hiring of the said motorized cart

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