Development Update – Golf Course Enabling Works

Dear Members,

With the latest news, our development partner Partier are on the eve of lodging a Development Application for the Independent Living Units. I thought I should take some time to highlight the pending changes to our current 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th and 18th holes. These changes are displayed in the Clubhouse as well as in the body of this newsletter.

The back nine will commence on the existing 6th, there is no change to this hole. On completion of the hole, you will wander down to the new 11th hole, which is situated behind the new 14th.

The new 11th is the combination of part of the current 4th and 5th holes. It will traverse around the big gum which currently cohabitates with the fairway bunker on the existing 4th and then you will trek down to the area where the current 5th green is situated. The dam will be slightly enlarged, and the green side dam wall raised and beautified.

The cart path currently adjacent to the green will be removed to allow the green to flow into the dam. The path repositioned on the left of the green, will provide an access to the 12th (existing 2nd hole) which will remain as is but will have a small creek installed at the base of the gully heading up to the green. The creek in part is an architectural design feature but also to weatherproof the course in that area. As we all saw in the big wet of 2022, this area was impassable. On playing the hole, players will need to decide on the reward for risk aspect when approaching the shot into the green.

The 14th hole is utilising the first third of the existing 4th hole and has been designed with a small pond protecting the front left-hand side of the green. This pond will be the water source for the wee burn that will flow across the gully on our existing 2nd. The long hitters will question, reward for risk at 290 metres. There will be a number of ways to play this hole. The green will slope back to front and will have bunkering at the rear to catch any long shots.
The existing 9th will be shaped into two holes. The first a par 4 measuring 307 metres played from the existing 9th tees, the green will be guarded by strategically placed bunkers.

Utilising the remaining parts of the existing 9th hole, the new 18th will be across the enlarged dam, measuring 129 metres and protected by the dam and bunkers at the rear. The design incorporates a bail out zone located on the right for those not wanting to take on the water.

The clubhouse terrace will be situated between the 9th and 18th greens, so expect many an afternoon cheering as players challenge the 18th hole across the great expanse of water.

The new 9th will be played from the existing 18th tee and the new hole will play 449 metres. The existing 18th green will be relocated and new bunkers created.

The Par for the new course when opened will be 70 and will measure 5532 metres or 6050 yards. The course will see several dams enlarged, a new pond, new bunkers and 3 new USGA standard greens built. The course’s make up will be 3 x par 5’s, 10 x par 4’s, and 5 x par 3’s. The final design will be subject to approval under a Development Application.

In the first half of 2024, work will commence on the construction of the temporary greens required to ensure we have a full 18 hole golf course during the Course Enabling works.

Temporary Course Design in Three Stages

There will be some disruption to the course over the period of the enabling works, and all efforts will be undertaken to provide members an enjoyable experience while we transition to the new course.

Preparations are now underway to build the four (4) temporary greens so the enabling works can commence once the Development Application is approved.

Stage 1 – Par 71
A new temporary green is to be constructed on the 2nd fairway prior to the rise leading to the existing green, to enable the trenching of the wee burn. The hole will play as a Par 4. The construction of the wee burn is highlighted in green and blue.
Stage 2 – Par 68
A new temporary green is to be situated on 9th fairway prior to the dip, to enable the construction works to commence on Lake Johnson. The 18th will play as a par 5, the constructions zone is highlighted in colour.
Stage 3 – Par 64

New temporaries constructed on the 4th and 18th fairway, to enable the construction works on the existing 4th and 5th holes to be undertaken. The temporary on the 2nd to be reinstated and a par 3 to the existing 2nd green created. The 5th hole will play as a par 3, the shorten 6th hole will be played as a par 3. The 9th will play as a par 4 and on finishing the hole, players will walk across to the shorten 10th hole as indicated by the blue dotted line. The construction zone is highlighted in colour.

The Board wish to thank you for your patience and engagement as we watch the future of Cumberland Country Golf Club develop.

Martin Smith
Chairman of the Greens Committee
On behalf of the Board of Directors
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