2020 PGA National Club Professional of the Year Joanne Bannerman

Joanne Bannerman has been named the 2020 PGA National Club Professional of the Year. Jo was acknowledged for her game development initiatives, her continued advancement in coaching and community engagement activities and especially for the great work she does with Juniors.


Joanne’s passion is working with young people to develop their golfing skills, their character and love of the game.  She currently has over 50 boys and girls in her Junior Academy with the youngest just five years of age.  She runs a structured junior program including golf excursions and a weekly Junior Golf Fitness Class which focuses on speed and power.


Joanne is contracted to run our Pro Shop where she and her staff provide excellent service to our members and visitors alike.  It is a very professionally run operation and the friendly welcoming attitude she has engendered in her staff is often acknowledged.  They are qualified to provide excellent advice on equipment, club fitting and repairs.


Joanne has built a High Tech Indoor Teaching Centre and has added a number of technical innovations along the way.  The Centre is a first-class teaching facility that gives her the ability to analyse a player’s swing and provide a visual computerised assessment.


We are so immensely proud to have Joanne as our very own, home grown Club Professional. Well done Jo! …



Course update

Just a quick update on course current course conditions.
During the month of March we received a total of 277.5 mm of rain. Fortunately while many other courses have been closed during this time we have continued to operate at all times.
This week we have had the mowers over all surfaces as growth is at a high. Fairways were raised last week to 25mm to help stop the mud from coming to the surface. This week we lowered the mower to 23mm and cut in the opposite direction. Going into the cooler months with a longer leaf blade is not a bad process.
We dropped the height of the greens mower by .25mm and cut today and we will look to cut and roll tomorrow morning. We were not able to top dress greens after the hollow core and with them being so wet it has been important to lower the height gradually. We will continue to lower the height next week and a light dusting will take  place as soon as weather permits.
Bunkers are always an issue during prolonged bouts of rain. We have continually pumped and raked them to keep them in play as much as possible. Last night another 30mm of rain meant 7 hours of pumping today. We are doing our best during these times and i guess they are a hazard.
We will continue to basically concentrate on course preparation and hope that the weather gods can give us all a break.
​Enjoy your weekend and good golfing.

Front entrance to club.



The front entrance got a makeover this week with turf laid in front of the garden, an irrigation system installed, fresh mulch and plants replaced. The other side also had a irrigation system installed, plants and mulch added and timbers freshly painted.

They got it right!


What a week. 55 mm of rain Tuesday, Wednesday followed by 43 degrees yesterday and 44 today. A green keepers life is always on call. I’m sure most people are enjoying a nice cold bevvy in the air conditioning. Think of us while you are and thanks to Lewie and Troy for helping me out this afternoon.


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