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Development Update – Construction of Temporary Greens

Dear Members,

I am happy to advise that the first construction works to facilitate the development are about to commence. As many of you are aware, we are embarking on an exciting journey to enhance our course and clubhouse, and I am thrilled to share an important update with you.

Construction of the temporary greens is set to commence on April 2nd. Once completed these greens will allow for uninterrupted 18 holes of play during the course enabling works.

These temporary greens will be located on the 2nd, 4th, 9th, and 18th holes and are indicated on the Map below.

During the construction phase and until the temporary greens are ready for play, it’s essential to note that the areas occupied by these temporary greens will be designated as compulsory ground under repair (GUR). This designation ensures the safety and fairness of play during this transitional period.

During construction of these greens, our spare Lake Johnson hole and temporary course ratings will be utilised. These adjustments are necessary to maintain the integrity and quality of your golfing experience throughout the development process.

We understand that these changes may bring some adjustments to your regular game, but we assure you that every effort is being made to minimise disruptions and ensure a seamless transition. Your patience and understanding during this time are greatly appreciated as we work towards creating an even better golfing environment for all our members.

Please stay tuned for further updates as construction progresses. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for our club’s growth and improvement.

Martin Smith
Chairman of Greens

Development Update – Golf Course Enabling Works

Dear Members,

With the latest news, our development partner Partier are on the eve of lodging a Development Application for the Independent Living Units. I thought I should take some time to highlight the pending changes to our current 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th and 18th holes. These changes are displayed in the Clubhouse as well as in the body of this newsletter.

The back nine will commence on the existing 6th, there is no change to this hole. On completion of the hole, you will wander down to the new 11th hole, which is situated behind the new 14th.

The new 11th is the combination of part of the current 4th and 5th holes. It will traverse around the big gum which currently cohabitates with the fairway bunker on the existing 4th and then you will trek down to the area where the current 5th green is situated. The dam will be slightly enlarged, and the green side dam wall raised and beautified.

The cart path currently adjacent to the green will be removed to allow the green to flow into the dam. The path repositioned on the left of the green, will provide an access to the 12th (existing 2nd hole) which will remain as is but will have a small creek installed at the base of the gully heading up to the green. The creek in part is an architectural design feature but also to weatherproof the course in that area. As we all saw in the big wet of 2022, this area was impassable. On playing the hole, players will need to decide on the reward for risk aspect when approaching the shot into the green.

The 14th hole is utilising the first third of the existing 4th hole and has been designed with a small pond protecting the front left-hand side of the green. This pond will be the water source for the wee burn that will flow across the gully on our existing 2nd. The long hitters will question, reward for risk at 290 metres. There will be a number of ways to play this hole. The green will slope back to front and will have bunkering at the rear to catch any long shots.
The existing 9th will be shaped into two holes. The first a par 4 measuring 307 metres played from the existing 9th tees, the green will be guarded by strategically placed bunkers.

Utilising the remaining parts of the existing 9th hole, the new 18th will be across the enlarged dam, measuring 129 metres and protected by the dam and bunkers at the rear. The design incorporates a bail out zone located on the right for those not wanting to take on the water.

The clubhouse terrace will be situated between the 9th and 18th greens, so expect many an afternoon cheering as players challenge the 18th hole across the great expanse of water.

The new 9th will be played from the existing 18th tee and the new hole will play 449 metres. The existing 18th green will be relocated and new bunkers created.

The Par for the new course when opened will be 70 and will measure 5532 metres or 6050 yards. The course will see several dams enlarged, a new pond, new bunkers and 3 new USGA standard greens built. The course’s make up will be 3 x par 5’s, 10 x par 4’s, and 5 x par 3’s. The final design will be subject to approval under a Development Application.

In the first half of 2024, work will commence on the construction of the temporary greens required to ensure we have a full 18 hole golf course during the Course Enabling works.

Temporary Course Design in Three Stages

There will be some disruption to the course over the period of the enabling works, and all efforts will be undertaken to provide members an enjoyable experience while we transition to the new course.

Preparations are now underway to build the four (4) temporary greens so the enabling works can commence once the Development Application is approved.

Stage 1 – Par 71
A new temporary green is to be constructed on the 2nd fairway prior to the rise leading to the existing green, to enable the trenching of the wee burn. The hole will play as a Par 4. The construction of the wee burn is highlighted in green and blue.
Stage 2 – Par 68
A new temporary green is to be situated on 9th fairway prior to the dip, to enable the construction works to commence on Lake Johnson. The 18th will play as a par 5, the constructions zone is highlighted in colour.
Stage 3 – Par 64

New temporaries constructed on the 4th and 18th fairway, to enable the construction works on the existing 4th and 5th holes to be undertaken. The temporary on the 2nd to be reinstated and a par 3 to the existing 2nd green created. The 5th hole will play as a par 3, the shorten 6th hole will be played as a par 3. The 9th will play as a par 4 and on finishing the hole, players will walk across to the shorten 10th hole as indicated by the blue dotted line. The construction zone is highlighted in colour.

The Board wish to thank you for your patience and engagement as we watch the future of Cumberland Country Golf Club develop.

Martin Smith
Chairman of the Greens Committee
On behalf of the Board of Directors

April ENews


I am very pleased to announce that our Development Application has now been submitted to the Department of Planning for consideration of approval. Needless to say it’s been a long and complicated process to get to this point.

Congratulations must go to the Pariter team who have put together a very professional application after working over the past three years with our Board and General Manager. The Application will now run its course through the approval process which could take anything from 9 – 12 months. In the meantime, building of our temporary greens is underway and our Vice Captain, Martin, will keep us updated on those works as they progress. The reason we are building temporary greens now is that if / when the DA is approved, we will be able to continue playing 18 holes whilst the new permanent holes and surrounds are constructed.

Where to from here? As previously reported, we have adopted our 2024 – 28 Strategic Plan and Committees as now reporting to the Board each month on strategies contained in the Plan. An integral part of the plan is to look ahead and consider what affect the Development Project will have on our operations in the future. For example, the House Committee, will work with the GM to identify what new or enhanced business opportunities a new clubhouse will offer. The Match and Greens Committee will ensure the associated course works are completed satisfactorily with minimal disruption to playability and the Finance Committee will oversight budget and expenditure for those works. We also have an established Project Control Group (PCG) consisting of the President, Captain, Vice-Captain and General Manager that will continue to work with Pariter to ensure that all contractual requirements are delivered and to resolve any project related issues that may come up along the way.

As you can see, we have a committed and cohesive board who are doing a lot of work ‘behind the scenes’ in support of the development project. Underpinning all this is our commitment to continue delivering the very best of Course, Club, Restaurant and Pro Shop services that members deserve and have come to expect.

One of our biggest challenges is keeping up with spiralling costs of expenditure eg electricity, chemicals, insurance and maintenance costs. The only thing we are getting free of charge at the moment is rainwater which ironically has an impact on our income from competition fields. Unfortunately, to offset some of these increases we have had to make the decision to increase competition fees by $2.50 to take effect from Wednesday 1st May.

Last but not least, we have good and not so good news with our Assistant Operations Manager Damon Green tendering his resignation to take effect from 20th April. Damon will take up the position of General Manager at the Cheltenham Recreation Club which is a fantastic opportunity and advancement of his career. We wish him well, but he will be greatly missed at Cumberland. Congratulations and Good Luck Damo.
Denis Clifford (Club President)

Well March has been another strong month for member’s competitions. March saw an increase of over 500 rounds on last month’s result. There has also been an increase of approximately 600 rounds on the same period last year. Our Saturday rounds for the month of March have averaged just over 200 players, so March has been a very strong month.

As you would have heard the temporary greens work has recently commenced and is really starting to take shape. I’ll leave the update to the Vice-Captain. Also, the course renovations commence on Monday the 8th April so there’s a lot happening around the course.

The Cock of the Walk continues and the match committee would like to congratulate those members that are still battling away to make the final on the 27th of April.

Monthly Medal
• A Grade – Brett Porter
• B Grade – Debasish Bose
• C Grade – Lachlan Attwill (Guzzlers Cup)

Cumberland Bowl
• Craig Dunscombe

March Hole in Ones
• Tony Shin – 16th Hole, 10th March
• Craig Paul – 13th Hole – 16th March
• Rana Pratap – 3rd Hole – 29th March

Upcoming Events
• Monthly Medal & A grade Guzzlers, Sat 6th April • Presidents vs Captains Day, Sat 20th April
• ANZAC Day Medal, Thu 25th April
• Cock of the Walk Final – Sat 27th April

Major Pennants

I wanted touch on this year’s Major Pennants and the year that could have been but unfortunately ended up seeing us being relegated to Division 3. It was definitely a very bitter pill to swallow given all the teams in our division had a chance to win the section heading into the last round of matches. With 3 wins and 3 losses for all sides unfortunately, our total matches won were 19 which left us at the bottom of the ladder. So, as you can see below it was a very competitive section.
1st – Liverpool 3 wins, 3 losses, 3 points, 23 match points
2nd – Fox Hills 3 wins, 3 losses, 3 points, 21.5 match points
3rd – Pennant Hills 3 wins, 3 losses, 3 points 20.5 match points
4th – Cumberland 3 wins, 3 losses, 3 points 19 match points

Not to be too critical but looking back over the year we had 16 matches go down the 18th and we manage 7 squares and 4 wins. Our 6-1 loss to Liverpool didn’t help. So, that meant we had to play Twin Creeks to avoid relegation.
It was again another tight battle and the match ended 4/3 with one match being decided on the 3rd extra hole which meant that Twin Creeks avoided relegation.

However, it wasn’t all bad. There was some excellent golf played and always played in the right spirit. This year was also an excellent year for our youngest member of the side Bailey Leafe. Bailey almost went undefeated to only lose in his last match which is a great effort for someone so young. Again, our top order showed why they are so well respected our side. Josh Russo and Isaak Pemble again had a great season playing against some very strong opposition.

I also want to thank our caddies who have again done a great job supporting their players and the team. A huge thanks to Andrew Black (Blackie), Harrison (Harry) Pemble, Andrew Maroun, Robert Madeleine, Luke McSweeney, Liam Sherry and Dave Harvey.

It was good to see those members who took the time to come out to all matched this year. The team really appreciated the support.

The match committee would like to thank Matt Andrew for taking on the role of Manager for the 2024 season. Matt has been a part of the playing side for a few years now and has been doing a great job managing our juniors so it was good to see him step up this year and take on the role as Major Pennants Manager.

Masters is next round of Pennants which is set to commence on Sunday the 19th May. Cumberland is placed in Division 3 Section 1 and our hosting dates are as follows;
Round 1 – Sunday 19th May – 11am,
Round 3 – Sunday 2nd June – 11:06am,
Round 5 – Sunday 16th June – 11:13am.

“For some time, my wife’s had this ridiculous idea that I’m playing too much golf. Actually, it came to a head about 11:30 last night. She suddenly shouted at me: ‘Golf, golf, golf. All you ever think about is bloody golf!!’ And I’ll be honest, it frightened the life out of me. I mean, you don’t expect to meet somebody on the 14th green at that time of night”

Good Golfing,
Darren (The Fox) Stocks – Club Captain

Next week, the course will be closed for renovations on Monday 8 April and Tuesday 9 April. As you’re aware, these take place twice a year and support the maintenance of our excellent playing surface by improving drainage, removing thatch and improving the soil structure. Clubhouse trading hours will be as usual including ‘booking in’ on Tuesday.

• Freshwater dam on the 12th is at 100% capacity. The 2nd hole dams are at 100% capacity, while the 5th dam is at 90% capacity.
• The Calcium application program continues on fairways and tees to further improve the soil structure.
• March weather has been interesting with 25mm of rain received during the month.
• Gypsum in the form of Tru – gyp has been applied to the greens surfaces to decrease compaction and encourage aeration, this is to combat the bio carbonate and sodium build up.
• Bunker rakes are not ornaments, please use them if you’re in the bunker and then return it to the middle of the bunker.
• The bottom practise green continues to receive an intensive care treatment. The issue is twofold which will be supported by the renovation program. The first is implementing a care program specifically designed for the microclimate that exists where the green is situated. Part two is the environmental factors – high temperatures and humidity which has added to the pressures on the green from disease.

Course Works
Work has commenced on the substructure of the temporary greens, commencing with earthmoving and irrigation works in the chosen areas on 2, 4, 9 & 18. These areas will be designated as Ground Under Repair (GUR). Following the earthwork, Couch, being the grass covering for the greens, will be transported on-site and dropped in (sodded). The aim of the couch greens is to increase the members enjoyment playing the temporary greens, and to provide a better experience than simply mowing areas of the fairways as makeshift greens. This approach will also reduce pressure on course resources.

Course Care
It continues to disappoint, that members are not fixing their lob marks on greens. It’s not that hard!! If you want to have a superb course, then you need to show it some love and do your part in fixing lob marks and raking bunkers.

Take pride in your club and fix your lob mark. All it takes is a few seconds as demonstrated below:

Martin Smith
Vice Captain and Chair of the Greens Committee
Easter has come and gone for another year and once again we held a very successful Easter Open on Tuesday 26 March. The event was very well attended with over 100 ladies playing including visitors from Asquith, Castle Hill, Concord, Massey Park and Muirfield. The money raised from our raffle on the day together with the additional $2.50 paid as part of the golf fees will be donated to charity. Thank you ladies for your ongoing generosity. A big thank you also to the ladies who arrived early on the Tuesday morning to set up and decorate the room for lunch in record time. We got there in the end.

On a more sombre note I would like to express my condolences to Gwen Fyffe and family on the passing of John who was a long term member of Cumberland. Sadly, former member Wayne Avery also passed away on Sunday March 31. Our thoughts are with Yvonne and family during this very sad time.

Happy Golfing
Judy Attwood
Ladies President

A fantastic Pennant Season was capped off with a very special award for Soon Lee, one of our wonderful club representatives. Soon’s grit and determination throughout the Ladies Grade competition was rewarded with the highly sought after ‘Undefeated Medal’ from NSW Golf. An amazing and thoroughly deserved effort, well done Soon!
Royal Sydney were the eventual winners of our Division. Over the past few years, they’ve come close to taking the Pennant a few times and we were delighted for them on their win, by a couple of putts, from Moore Park.
Our Western Districts pennant team had another excellent year. Always in contention for the top spot, they were beaten at the post by Carnarvon. Both teams were equal in points, however Cumberland were defeated on total games won. Some serious motivation for next year!
The ladies Pennant season isn’t over yet. Next month we’ll be preparing our Bronze 2 Squad for the Northern Districts competition. More on that in our next edition!

These events can only happen with the support and commitment of our volunteers. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Di Morgan and Michelle McPherson, our team managers. Their enthusiasm and effort in managing our players, caddies and home game organisation has been fantastic. We couldn’t have done it without you. Also, to our volunteers attending our host day matches, thank you. Club management, Harmony, our Board, Pro Shop and the Greens staff have been there every step of the way, thank you for the assistance and sponsorship you’ve provided the Ladies Pennant squads, it’s greatly appreciated by all our ladies whether their playing, or cheering us on from the sideline.

With the course closed on Tuesday 9th April, our usual competition for the week has been moved to Thursday 11th April. Get ready to play the course straight off the back of renovations, they’ll no doubt be a few extra challenges to enjoy! See you then.

Kate Stuart
(Ladies Captain)

Another month and again we continue without peer as clearly the leading golf professional shop in all of Greystanes, so just sit back and let us bring you all the latest equipment and industry leading advice on how you should spend your hard-earned cash in our shop!

We have a selected range of Taylormade, Mizuno and Cleveland putters at reduced prices as a special for the month so get in quick as these won’t last. We have the full range of Odyssey Demo putters in store now for a very limited time – make sure you get in and try one before they move on.

Just released instore are the newest range of fully waterproof shoes from Footjoy. This season sees a real change in the look and style of their footwear, with a collection of both eye catching and low-key models to suit every golfers taste. You can now get fitted instore at a moments notice with a brand new pair of the most comfortable and durable shoes ready to play.

Winter Is Coming and with the cold comes the damp and realisation that the basic accessories we use in summer won’t quite cut it for the next 6 months. Luckily, we have everything instore to help keep you warm this winter. Don’t buy cheap throwaway rubbish online and hope that it fits when it arrives – who needs the stress. Step into Banners this month and touch, feel and experience first-hand everything you need to enjoy golf right through until things warm up again!

April marks the beginning of the shortest days of the year. With less sunlight don’t forget that our indoor tech centre and highly trained professional instructors are open even after the sun goes down so get yourself booked in for that long overdue lesson. Just visit our website or contact us in the shop direct.

With school holidays coming soon, we have 2 great holiday camps for the kids Book in as soon as possible as they do fill up very quickly.
18th April – 9am till 3pm
23rd April – 9am till 3pm

This month’s hot golfing tip comes from our very own trainee professional Alex who says –“Swing hard, swing fast. Make sure you commit to the shot and keep connected to the target line. Make sure you back yourself, why play the easily forgotten percentage shot – let’s face it, you’re out there to make memorable birdies not boring pars!”

For any of your golfing needs call into the Pro Shop and talk to our friendly staff.
Joanne, Matthew, Myo, Arthur, Luke, Alex and the Juniors

We’d like to thank our sponsors for their ongoing support.

Live Scoring App – Simple Golf Score

We are excited to advise, that after a period of successful testing the MSL Scoring App is now available for all members to use at no additional cost.

The Scoring App, known as Simple Golf Scoring can be downloaded from both Apple App Store and the Google Play Store at the links below.



Once downloaded members will have the ability to score thier partners and their own scores without the need for a physical scorecard.

A useful “How to” guide is available to members at the link below.

This Guide is also available in the Club News section on the Club Website.

If members have any questions about the Scoring App, please contact the Club Office.

Development Update – Agreement Signed with Pariter Pty Ltd.

Dear Members,

On behalf of the Board, I am very pleased to announce that we have today entered into a Contract with Pariter Pty Ltd. This is one of the most significant events in our Clubs’ history. We have been working with Pariter for two years to seal this deal which will give us a new clubhouse, quality improvements to the course and regular share of profits to ensure our financial security for the next 99 years.

It has been a very complex, time consuming and painstaking process to get us to this point. I’d like to acknowledge a number of people who have worked tirelessly on this project; Our team of lawyers from Hall and Wilcox and Ron Cardwell for his independent commercial advice. My fellow Directors who have spent many hours working their way through commercial terms, project documents and designs. The Golf Course Planning Committee who spent many hours working with our course architect to come up with a design for a top quality 18 hole course. I especially thank our General Manager Andrew Laplain for the magnificent effort he has put into this project. He has been the centrepin for everything we’ve done so far, including complex document review, meetings, correspondence, planning committees and on and on it goes.

Where to from here? In-conjunction with Harrison Golf, designs for the temporary course layout are complete and they include construction of temporary greens so that we can continue to play 18 holes while the Golf Course Enabling Works are being undertaken. The temporary greens will be constructed before we touch any existing holes. Once we have official development approval, we will release a Tender for all development related course works. Under the contract, the 1st will remain in play until the new holes are completed.

Our bunker repair and cart path projects will continue with the aim to compliment development related changes to the course. It is important to note that these projects are undertaken based on their associated master plans to ensure consistency of design.

I thank you the members for your understanding and patience. We still have a long way to go but it will be well worth it when we get there. Thank you for your continued support.

Denis Clifford
Club President

2020 PGA National Club Professional of the Year Joanne Bannerman

Joanne Bannerman has been named the 2020 PGA National Club Professional of the Year. Jo was acknowledged for her game development initiatives, her continued advancement in coaching and community engagement activities and especially for the great work she does with Juniors.


Joanne’s passion is working with young people to develop their golfing skills, their character and love of the game.  She currently has over 50 boys and girls in her Junior Academy with the youngest just five years of age.  She runs a structured junior program including golf excursions and a weekly Junior Golf Fitness Class which focuses on speed and power.


Joanne is contracted to run our Pro Shop where she and her staff provide excellent service to our members and visitors alike.  It is a very professionally run operation and the friendly welcoming attitude she has engendered in her staff is often acknowledged.  They are qualified to provide excellent advice on equipment, club fitting and repairs.


Joanne has built a High Tech Indoor Teaching Centre and has added a number of technical innovations along the way.  The Centre is a first-class teaching facility that gives her the ability to analyse a player’s swing and provide a visual computerised assessment.


We are so immensely proud to have Joanne as our very own, home grown Club Professional. Well done Jo! …



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